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New Brunswick Nominee Program


Applying as an entrepreneur under the New-Brunswick Nominee Program

 This program is currently suspended.

The New Brunswick nominee program is another popular business category for the individual with management or business experience. The requirements are briefly set as following:

-    Minimum personal net worth of $300,000.00 CDN

-    Deposit of $75,000.00 to be refunded on the condition that the applicant has been running a business for at least one year. (Up to $30,000.00 may be refunded prior to the conditional period providing that certain conditions are complied with)

-    Minimum investment of $125,000.00 CDN in the future business. This amount may be higher depending on the type of business to be created or acquired.

-    Have sufficient funds to support the family and the initial setup of the business for a period of 2 years.

-    Have moderate knowledge of French or English.

-    Obtain a minimum of 50 points under the selection factors (Age, languages, education, adaptability and management experience)

-    Commitment to reside in the Province of New Brunswick

-    Evidence of successful Management experience either as a senior executive or through business ownership.

-    Exploratory visit to New Brunswick with evidence of marketing research for the creation of a business

-    A genuine business plan or a business proposal that will benefit to the province

-    Satisfy a senior official of the Government of New-Brunswick that your business plan or business proposal is genuine and based on reliable research. This is an in-person interview in New-Brunswick.

There is no appeal procedure. Once the file is refused, the applicant may not re-apply for two years following the refusal date.

Processing times are on an average 5 months at the provincial level and 10 months and over at the federal level. These delays may vary and may be longer depending on the circumstances. The delays will also largely depend on the content and details of the file.

The New Brunswick nominee program for qualified entrepreneurs or senior executives is an interesting opportunity for settlement in a small province (population is 750,000 in 2010) with a flourishing economy.

Contact us for more information on the New Brunswick business nominee program.

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