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Manitoba Nominee Program

Requirements under the Manitoba Nominee Program:


-    Hold a minimum of 350,000.00 in total net assets, preferably more.

-    Evidence of ownership with three years business experience or farming experience or 3 years experience as a senior manager in a successful company

-    Have visited Manitoba under a 7-day exploratory visit or more prior to submitting the file.

-    Have basic knowledge of French or English.

-    Deposit $100,000.00 to be refunded following evidence that the investment conditions have been respected within a two year period. Should the nominee fail to buy or set up an eligible investment in a business, this amount will not be refunded to the nominee.

-    Invest in the future business in any of the following form (eligible investment):

a)    Invest in tangible assets in Manitoba such as land, building or other asset excluding personal property.

b)    Invest in the working capital of the company according to the industry’s structure.

c)    Invest in an existing company with the condition that the nominee controls at least 33 1/3 % of the equity. In order to have complete ownership, the nominee will be required to invest an amount of $500,000.00

Passive business activities or purely speculative business activities are not recognized as an eligible investment. The nominee is expected to be active in the management of his future business within the province of Manitoba.

Additional information

The current delays may vary between 14 to 18 months after submitting the application.

Overall, the Manitoba nominee program for entrepreneurs is an interesting opportunity for individuals with net assets under $1,500,000.00 that wish to settle in the province of Manitoba.

You may contact us for further information on our services under this program.

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